Private Event Entertainment – Mind Reader

Many people like the distinction and feeling it gives them to throw a “private party”. Private parties can celebrate a birthday, a graduation, an accomplishment, an engagement, a wedding or promotion.  Whether you’re a professional party planning service or someone who is coordinating your first event, Doug gives you the flexibility and convenience to book your party entertainment fast and with confidence! Regardless of the type of event you’re planning, Doug will help take the pressure off your entertainment planning.

Are you in need of a party magician for a discriminating and sophisticated audience at a private party or society function? Want to have your party talked about and remembered months into the future? Booking Doug Kevilus to perform at your gathering will ensure that the entertainment portion of your event is a guaranteed success.

Whether it is in your own home or a specially booked room, your guests will get to experience Doug’s unbelievable mind reading and magical effects up close and personal. It’s pure entertainment with a sharp edge of amazement and astonishment that will have your guests talking about the whole experience long after the event.

People are naturally attracted to this type of entertainment. Your guests will have the opportunity to interact with Doug and experience his intuitive skills first hand — they will actually become part of the show! His intuitive entertainment is perfect for those times when you want something extra special and unique. He will truly amaze your guests and make you look like a star. This style of entertainment has a more personal edge suitable for house parties, anniversaries, other celebrations and private engagements.


Type of entertainment that works well with private events:

An Evening of Wonders

The perfect performance for small groups meeting together in a small hospitality suite or someone’s living room. In this type of performance, the audience has an intimate experience as Doug and are escorts them through an evening of mystery utilizing their own thoughts and memories. Experiencing your own thoughts and memories being revealed is an experience that can’t be matched with any other entertainer.

Playing Card Readings

Playing Card Readings (not Tarot Cards) are a fun, non-threatening way for your guests to learn more about their own past and future. These types of intimate performances give your guests a chance to experience something new and unexpected and have become extremely popular. Using everyday playing cards, your guests are escorted through the special moments of their lives and learn more about their own goals and dreams for the future.

 Personality Readings

Like Playing Card Readings this type of performance allows your guests to work one-on-one with Doug. Working together Doug will weave a web of mystery that will leave them wondering if mind reading is real. After being asked a few questions they will receive a personality reading that is so accurate some find it unsettling. At the conclusion of the reading they will walk away with their own hand-written personality profile in hand.