What is the Mentalist Experience?

Many people have not had the opportunity for a mentalist experience for themselves.  Maybe you have seen the television show The Mentalist, and still wonder, what exactly does a Mentalist do? If I hire a Mentalist what will my guests see and hear during the event? The answer to questions like this are easier to answer when you see or hear the experience for yourself.

Here are some brief video clips from past performances at other events that hired Doug. These are the kinds of reactions your guests will have when your bring Doug to your event.  You can listen to a longer performance clip of Doug working with the DJ’s at San Francisco’s Radio Alice.  This is a live broadcast Doug did with Alice 97.3 FM Radio on Halloween at the Winchester Mystery House.  Live on the radio with a small audience in attendance the staff of the Sarah and Vinnie show enjoyed the Mentalist Experience.  You can hear for yourself not only what it is, but the reactions that are typical of people who have this experience.

Why the Mentalist Experience?

Corporations invest in meetings in pursuit of very specific business purpose.  Inspiring entertainment accelerates the process of getting employees detached from their day-to-day routine, fully engaged in the moment, and connecting with each other and to the company’s message. The bottom line: entertainment increases impact.  To give your guests an experience that they’ll never forget, you have to push the limit of what they believe to be true about the world they live in.  Show them something that can’t be explained as a “trick”, give them a true moment of astonishment, and make them feel like a curious child again.  If you want your guests to have this experience, there’s only one person who can provide it.

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