Doug may play mind games with his audiences, but there are no tricks in hiring him for your next corporate event. With over a decade of experience entertaining corporate audiences, here are some of the most common questions he hears from event producers and party planners. For any other questions, be sure to contact him.

How long are Doug's stage shows?

Typically, most shows are 45-50 minutes, which is a suitable length for the majority of events. Specific lengths, either shorter or longer, can be made upon request.

How long does Doug provide entertainment for at cocktail and networking events?

Doug is booked for these type of events typically for one to three hours, depending on the event. Doug includes this in addition to his full stage show, such as during a cocktail hour. This helps the audience become familiar with Doug, generates excitement, and makes them more comfortable in participating later in the stage show.

Is the show interactive?

This show is all about your audience!  Everything in Doug’s show is based around the thoughts, memories, and decisions of the audience.  Most of the audience will have the chance to experience what it’s like to have Doug read their minds if they choose to participate.  But do not worry, nothing embarrassing is ever revealed for those that do participate.

Do the shows use only 'clean comedy'?

Absolutely! All of Doug’s corporate & private party shows do not use any inappropriate humor or offensive topics. Doug understands that organizations want top quality entertainment that will be suitable for all audiences. No one will be left embarrassed and all audiences are treated with the highest respect.

What kind of special equipment or elaborate set-up do you require?

Aside from a quality sound system & a suitable performing space, Doug does not require anything elaborate on your end to make his show happen. His show sets up and strikes down quickly.  You can see Doug’s full performance rider to see all specific details here.

In order to give your group the best possible performance the following staging guidelines will ensure the best outcomes for your event:

  • For small audiences, less than 80, no stage is necessary. Entertainer will need a 12′ x 12′ performance area.
  • If the room is rectangular, place the stage in the middle of the long side of the rectangle. The room then becomes more intimate and makes for a better show.
  • A set of steps is required, preferable on the side of the stage facing the audience.
  • No dance floor is to be between the performing area and the audience. If there is a permanent dance floor, then a portable stage or riser is to be placed on the dance floor as close as possible to the audience prior to show time.
  • If the audience size exceeds 80 people, it is recommended that there is a 1 foot riser at least 12′ x 12′.
  • For audience of 500 or more, a minimum stage height of 36” is required for optimal viewing.


Have more questions?

Doug knows how stressful planning an event can be, but he also knows what it takes to make it easy. You can also reach him any time at 877-825-2421, or through the contact form.