The Impact of Corporate Entertainment

As the organizer that needs corporate event entertainment, you want to get the most out of it. The right entertainment and environment is how to get a great return on your investment. Companies invest in corporate meetings in pursuit of specific business purposes. Whether they are gathering employees or customers, they expect their investment to yield results. The right corporate entertainment turbo-charges that investment.

You only guarantee a person’s physical presence in the room when you pull them away from their desk. Corporate entertainment accelerates the process of getting employees detached from their daily routine. It gets them engaged in the moment and connect with each other. The bottom line: entertainment increases impact.

Conference Entertainer

Conference Entertainer   When the Executive Director of the California Downtown Association was planning their annual conference she knew she wanted something different than in years past.  For this multiple day event there was a couple of areas she thought could be enhanced with the right entertainer. As an organization that supports Downtown Association groups,…

Entertainer at Alice@97.3 FM

Entertainer at Alice@97.3 FM   The morning show staff at Radio Alice in San Francisco have come to know Doug well.  The first time they contacted him was to come and perform on the air with them as they broadcast from the Winchester Mystery House.  Early that morning Doug playfully read the minds of the…

Trade Show Magician

Trade Show Magician   MNX was a vendor at the International Cord Blood Symposium in San Francisco and needed a Trade Show Magician.  The Director of Marketing contacted Doug letting him know they had the typical vendor booth at the trade show.  His largest concern was about getting brand recognition at the conference, standing out among all…

Entertaining at Celebration Party

Entertaining at Celebration Party   When Apple bought the company Quattro Wireless they created a department called Apple iAd.  The buyout became major news and was cause for a major celebration with that group.  iAd’s Senior VP contacted Doug to provide a performance his group would not forget.  He specifically wanted a Mentalist to perform, because…

Master of Ceremony for Offsite Celebration

Master of Ceremonies for Celebration   Intel was having a massive celebration event to celebrate the release of their new chip set.  They had planned a massive six-hour event to help celebrate their achievements.  In the past they always had one of the event planners act as the host and MC the evening.  However, on…

Corporate Party and Executive Training

Corporate Dinner and Executive Training   Yahoo! had planned a 3-day manager corporate training seminar for their executive leadership.  Their Chief of Staff contacted Doug to find out what he could do for this seminar.  On the final day of the retreat they wanted to have some corporate entertainment that would engage and keep the attention of this highly…

Maximize Your Results with Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate entertainment that includes audience participation, can be ruined by minor things. These are things that you can avoid by making small changes. For your next corporate event, these tips that will make your event a great success.

Shorten the Distance

Mind Reading shows are by their nature interactive. This means that the audience needs to be as close as possible to the performer. The audience must be able to SEE the entertainer. Don’t have people sitting behind your entertainer. Don’t have an open dance floor or buffet tables in front of your entertainment. For shows that have audience participation – seating should start eight in front of the stage

Often times the venue may place a dance floor between the dinner-tables and the stage. If you notice this, ask the staff to move all the tables closer to the stage, and the dance floor somewhere else. Your catering/convention manager may try to suggest a different style layout. Please keep in mind they are doing so for their convenience not for the entertainment. Most caterers do not know how to set up the room for a successful entertainment program. Often they never even see that part of your evening.

Keep Them Together

Venues like to try and fill the space available by spreading out the tables and chairs to use up the room. This type of distancing does use the space but doesn’t build an interactive atmosphere. It is better for your event, and the entertainment, if there is an atmosphere of intimacy. This is true of small venues as well as large ones.

Close the Bar during the Performance

People at events of every type enjoy drinking. Yet people moving around during the performance are disruptive to everyone in the room. The best way to handle this is to close the bar during the performance. A simple way to do this is to cover the bar with a table cloth. This allows people to see at a distance that the bar is currently closed.

Announce that there will be a temporary closure at least half an hour before showtime. This allows your guests the chance to grab a drink or two to keep at their table.

Never Have a Break Immediately Before the Performance

Guests at a corporate event will lose track of time during breaks and not return on time. People that arrive after the show has started is distracts and affects the other guests. Give an early warning that the show will start in the next fifteen minutes. This allows people to get in a bio-break if they need one before the fun starts..

Have the Entertainer First, then Speeches and Awards

It’s common that people tend to not pay much attention during the speeches and awards. This is especially true if food was just served. You want your guests that are excited, alert, and listening to the speeches and awards. These are too important to just to let them fall on an audience that’s not listening.

Having entertainment before the speeches, gives people a chance to relax and revitalize. At the end of the show they will be energized and alert, ready to hear the important messages.