Choosing a Professional Corporate Entertainer

Choose a corporate entertainer that they’ve never seen before.  A band is always fun and a DJ can play great songs, but for new and exciting, you cannot beat the novelty of a variety act. This is the chance to get creative!  Hire a corporate event magician that performs corporate magic to really blow their minds!   An entertainer that makes them believe in the unbelievable.  When you mix it up, your audience anticipates the next year’s celebration.

Give them a show that will bring the group together and creates positive energy.  Make them glad they are attending their corporate event. An engaging corporate entertainer is a great way to take someone away from their daily worries.  There is no better gift you can give – Take someone away from their daily troubles, even if it’s just for a short time.

Finally, the last key to successful corporate entertainment is making them laugh. Make them laugh and you will capture their hearts and minds. Everyone likes to laugh!  Hire a clean entertainer that will have them laughing out loud, and you will be the hero. Laughter is the “best medicine” and the best way to energize your event.

Types of Corporate Magic Services:

 Stage ShowCorporate Entertainer Stage Show

Light up the night with laughter and joy with this corporate entertainer. Doug’s performances rely on the thoughts, memories, and decisions of the audience. This makes them the stars of the show! His shows have adjustable lengths, routines, and an easy set-up. Doug’s shows will feature the audience and gives them a reason for gathering in a whole new way. Creating a memorable event means booking an act that stands out. Creativity, skills, clean comedy, and full audience interaction create an unbeatable combination.

Master of CeremoniesCorporate Magic in Gala Dinner

Your emcee or host has to be exciting, energetic and entertaining. A skilled meeting facilitator, Doug is able to engage the group right from the start. He knows how to re-engage them after breaks, and then wrap up your meeting to a close. Professional groups choose Doug as their emcee because he understands their expectations. He works with you to add in tasteful surprises and comedy to the evening. He will keep the audience on the edges of their seats. Finishing your program not only on-time, but in a memorable and fitting manner. His focus will allow you to relax and enjoy the event yourself.

Cocktail and Networking MeetingsStrolling or Mingling Magic

Want to energize your event without a big stage show? He will mingle through the crowd creating laughter and energy throughout the room. Participants will get to interact with him in personal mind reading demonstrations. These interactions leave a lasting impression.

A Corporate Event Magician Is Perfect For:

Opening and Closing at General Sessions

Great speakers, compelling topics and networking opportunities attract attendees to annual conferences. But once they arrive, they are not always a captive audience. Often they have their smartphones, tablets, laptops and travel companions. An engaging corporate event magician attracts and holds their attention. Especially as their energy wanes by late afternoon or the second day of a conference.

Having a corporate event entertainer as a part the conference helps break up presentations. That engagement keeps audiences energized and excited. Break up the formality of long agendas. If the opening session is scheduled for two hours use an entertainer to keep things exciting. It’s also useful to use entertainment during breaks. People go to conferences information about the latest industry trends. And a long day of talks and classes gets tiring. An exciting corporate entertainer can go a long way to re-energize them.

Award Dinner & Galas

Awards banquets are designed to be a time of celebration and fun! The reasons to host these special events are many. To thank employees after a hard year of work, or celebrate a great success for the company. Even used to educate staff and clients about a new product or service. There are many occasions that call for holding an Awards banquet. The size of the ceremony determines whether you need something simple or something larger. Having the right corporate entertainer will make your celebration the one they will remember.

 Company Holiday Celebrations

Every year the holiday party gets harder and harder to plan. The demands are more difficult to please and the “normal” corporate party may not fit the bill. The fact is most people get bored with the same old hum-drum parties. Your holiday corporate party is a great way of showing appreciation to your staff. It boosts morale, strengthens relationships, and make everyone feel positive about the organization. Here’s a few tips to think about when choosing your next corporate entertainer.

Audience interaction is the key to everyone enjoying the corporate entertainment. Doug’s performances include tons of audience participation. In fact, some of what he does includes the participation of the entire audience! The more involved everyone is the more fun they have. He knows how to get them involved without embarrassing them or being intrusive. Guests won’t remember what they ate at the event, or what they wore. They will remember how much fun they had with their peers.