Entertainer and Mentalist – Make Your Next Event Exceptional

When you want to inspire your guests having a San Francisco magician is a great idea. San Francisco hosts some amazing venues such as a fleet of yachts, museums and special venues. Diversity is the word that best defines San Francisco. That gives a one-of-a-kind tone to any event held there. It also means there is a long list of San Francisco magicians to choose from. So who can you count on to ignite your next event?

Alice 97.3 FM has used Doug when they needed a San Francisco magician to delight the audiences at their events. First they invited him to a special Halloween show, where he playfully read the minds of the morning show DJs.  They invited him again to be the opening act for their Annual Comedy Cocktails show at Bimbo’s 365 Club.

SF Entertainer - Clean Comedy

SF Entertainer - Engagement

SF Entertainer - Crowd Enjoyment

They know they can trust this San Francisco magician to deliver at their events.  You can count on him to deliver the same results for your event. As a professional entertainer, he cares as much about the event as you do. He has the talent, skill, and understanding to make your event a great success. Having a San Francisco magician entertain your guests creates joy and laughter. Two things that people talk about long after the event is over!

If you want a celebration that the people will always remember, you need a few things.  You want something that has a ton of guest participation, laughter and clean comedy.  There are few others that can do this as well as this San Francisco magician. He does this for groups not only in San Francisco, but across the country.

Listen for yourself here as Doug plays with the Alice Radio DJs on Halloween morning.

SF Entertainer Doug Kevilus on Alice Radio

Professional Entertainers Make a Huge Impact on Your Event

In today’s corporate market you have to maintain a high standard of excellence and reach your economic goals.  When it comes to working in today’s world, long hours, demanding schedules, and high stress situations are common.  Yet there is an easy way to increase productivity and employee morale.  Providing a fun break for your staff can does both of these things.

Hiring a San Francisco magician does several things for you.  Corporate magicians help keep employee morale up with surprises and excitement.  They help keep the wheels of business greased through laughter.  They are also one of the most popular ways to get more attention at trade shows and other corporate events.

Bringing laughter into a corporate meeting or celebration is a huge gift to your staff.  Those who are working too hard and not spending enough time at home with their families. Research shows that 30 minutes of laughter is enough to help you become more energized and happy. It also shows that happier employees are willing to work more and even be under compensated.  Happy employees demand fewer raises, and stay in their job twice as long as unhappy ones.

A skilled magician has the ability to attract attention of clients that you’re wanting, and at the same time also promote your company and message. A magician can spread the word that your company is the one to hire.  By using a combination of professional magic and audience entertainment they’ll remember that message.

The Bay Area Magician and Entertainer – Comedy and Mind Reading

You want to hire a professional Bay Area magician. Someone who understands that reaching an audience is vital to promoting your company. It’s not just a mere talent show that you’re hiring. You are receiving a skilled service that is good for your entire business.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking to hold promotional event, or for a great way to kick off the company holiday gathering.  A professional San Francisco magician can make good things happen for you.

Doug’s clients come from a wide range of groups and all his clients agree on one thing – His show was the highlight of their events. When you want your event to create a lasting impact on your guests, count on Doug to provide you with an answer.  You can read for yourself how this San Francisco magician can transform your event.  Here are quotes of the clients that have enjoyed his services in the past and are extremely pleased with the results.