Some History of Entertainer, Magician and Mentalist Doug Kevilus

Doug Kevilus is one of the most in demand corporate entertainers today! His unique blend of comedy and unbelievable mind reading keeps people talking about his performances long after the event is over.  At a young age his parents gave him The Mickey Mouse Magic Book which started his love of magic.  Growing up he watched his father perform magic as a magician at parties and social events.  Doug’s interest in the magical arts really took to life in 1986 when he came across an old book his father owned title The Magic of Uri Geller by magician James Randi.  What Doug read in that book lead to a lifetime fascination of what possibilities could be out there and why people want to believe in the impossible.Entertainer Magician Mentalist Doug Kevilus

Before getting serious about being an entertainer, he was an instructional designer and learning consultant for healthcare organizations.  After going to Southern Illinois University and studying Adult & Workforce Education he took his skills to the field of healthcare.  He spent twenty years educating doctors, nurses and ancillary staff, and then moved into Organizational Development teaching leaders how to become better leaders.  Combining his real-world management experience (Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, and Dignity Health) with mystery and theatrical skills he creates a unique blend of entertainment and insight.

Doug’s extensive performance résumé includes appearances in television and radio programs, corporate events, comedy clubs, and theaters throughout the California and the country.  Over the years he has become a return performer with Alice CBS Radio, The California Magic Dinner Theater, and other fortune 500 companies. His understanding of why people want to believe in the impossible and how your mind fools you has earned him a consulting role for popular television shows.

When you hire Doug you know you have the experience of a professional that has real corporate experience that can speak to any audience at their level.  Doug is often asked, if a crowd is too intelligent for these performances and can figure it out.  Doug always responds the same way.  “I love performing for really intelligent audiences.  The smarter the audience, the easier they are to fool.  Their minds do all the hard for work for me.”