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Looking to have something different at your next meeting?

Creating a memorable event means booking an act that stands out. Creativity, unbelievable skills, clean comedy, and complete audience interaction combine for an unbeatable combination. This  is exactly what Corporate Mentalist Doug Kevilus can bring to your special occasion. He works hard to build partnerships with event planners, businesses and organizations.  Then delivers a corporate magic show their guests don’t stop talking about.

You have found the corporate magician that will leave your guests excited and amazed!  He will help you ignite your next conference, or special celebration and make it a huge success.  He is an entertainer that can actually change the way the audience thinks!

When You Work With Doug You Get:


Enjoy a direct and easy booking process – work directly with Doug


Over 18 years experience performing in the Events industry


Customized to your theme or brand, highlight certain attendees


Simple and quick set up and break down – No complicated Riders

Doug is one of the most in demand corporate magicians today!  His unique blend of comedy and mind reading. creates an environment where audiences will believe in the impossible.  These types of corporate magic performances keep people talking about the evening long after it is over.  His ability to “break the ice” is inviting and allows everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. His comedy and charisma make him one of the most entertaining corporate magicians today.

Your audience will experience doing things they themselves once thought were impossible.  Audiences laugh and watch him as he shows them that the word “impossible” is just an excuse.  Resulting in entertainment that changes the way the audience will approach new challenges.  You get a one-of-a-kind show that entertains, amazes, and enlightens. What will happen to your company when the word “impossible” disappears?


Corporate Event Magician Entertainment

Give your party-goers an experience that they’ll never forget, and push the limit of what they believe to be true.  Show them something that cannot be explained as a “trick”. Give them a true moment of astonishment, and make them feel like a curious child again.  If you want your people to have this experience, there’s only one person who can provide it.

Maybe you need a corporate mentalist to bring some excitement to the night.  Or a motivational speaker that engages and delights audiences.  Or even a skills seminar to build the communication skills of your team. Doug will work with you create a customized and special experience for your guests. He tailors his performances to meet the client’s needs.  Including adding client logos or sales messages into any of his presentations. After speaking with you, he creates a show that delivers your message to the audience.  The message will stick with them by engaging them in the performance.

Whether it is an audience of 15 or 1,500, your special occasion will feature a unique show tailored to you.  Audiences remember how engaged they were at the function that you put together. Why not make your night the most talked about corporate function of the year?


Light up the night with laughter and amazement with this energetic entertainer. These performances rely on the thoughts, memories and decisions of the audience.  This makes them the stars of the show! With customized options, it’s easy to see why people choose Corporate Mentalist Doug Kevilus.  He features your audience and gives them a reason for gathering in a new way.


It once was said; “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

What makes him effective is his unique blending of the message with entertainment.  Understanding cognitive behavior and psychology, he is not only entertaining.  He also provides real information that his audience can put to immediate use.


The right training can make all the difference in an organization.  The right content presented in the right way makes all the difference in training.  The retention and adaptation of new training for staff depends on their engagement.  With a background and knowledge in coaching people Doug’s programs have a huge impact.


Doug Kevilus Some Previous and Satisfied Clients

What They Say About Corporate Mentalist Doug Kevilus

  • My audiences absolutely love your show and you are a delight to work with! Your sense of humor, superb mysteries and classy style make a winning combination. I highly recommend you to everyone who is looking for great entertainment.

    Gerry G.
    California Magic Club – Owner
  • Everyone was amazed and is still talking about you. You were very professional, flexible and always had a smile on your face when you addressed someone.  You amazed the group and myself–I still wonder if I was a bit hypnotized for the stunts you pulled on me.

    Julee M.
    Palm Desert Development Company – Manager
  • Several employees made it a point to come up to me during the party and tell me how much they enjoyed his performance. His combination of mentalism, magic, and sense of humor is very appealing to his audiences.

    Hank M.
    Quality Customs & Mechanical – Operations Manager
  • You were the most self-sufficient, self-running, worry free part of the day.  Very entertaining and enjoyed by all!

    Howard J.
    YAHOO! – Chief of Staff
  • Your performance was impressively unique; we were amazed throughout the entire performance!  Your engaging, personable style was a great match for our staff. Thank you for contributing to the success of our event!

    Virginia A.
    Western Career College – Academic Director
  • Our holiday party turned out to be such a great night this year that just came together so perfectly. It was an upbeat, fun atmosphere and everyone really seemed to get into the show. It was very entertaining and was more than we expected.

    Marily E.
    Advanced Asphalt – Event Planner
  • Thank you for the outstanding program you provided. We are still asking ourselves how you managed that last demonstration using four of our members who you had never met before. Thank you, you made me a “rock star” program chairperson!

    George B.
    Kiwanis – Program Chair
  • Thank you for your extraordinary presentation at our Annual Conference. Arriving to find you and your very enjoyable and engrossing presentation was the highlight of the conference.  Your inviting personality contributed to the atmosphere so that people felt engaged.

    Suzanne S.
    California Downtown Association – Executive Director
  • His performance proved to be truly magical fun and was enjoyed by one and all! He was very professional. He easily adapted to our group and was exceptionally good at involving the guests. I would highly recommend him, a truly professional and captivating entertainer!

    Ellen F.
    San Benito County Medical Society – Treasurer
  • We had a station event at Bimbo’s in San Francisco with over 800 people. He performed and included lots of audience participation – it was fantastic. Everyone loved him!

    Uzette S.
    Alice 97.3 FM Radio – Producer
  • You made quite an impression! It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope we get more opportunities in the future. I will certainly keep you on my list for this kind of entertainment. Thanks for taking care of our client with such professionalism.

    Dee Dee M.
    Musical Affair Entertainment – Producer
  • I was initially looking for a “magician”, but I learned that I really wanted a mentalist. He exceeded our expectations in entertaining our crowd with wit, humor, and magic. I would highly recommend him for your next event.

    Paul S.
    Summit Orthopedic Specialists – President


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